Our School

Enséñame tu eñe is a course started in 2015 with the aim of providing a funny, real, flexible and professional approach to learn the Spanish language, take a close look at facets of Spanish culture of interest to the students, and explore rituals beyond the expected. Initially, I only offered these classes in-person, but at the request of students who wanted to continue their lessons from their home country, I decided to start developing online courses.

Our Students

It´s not just about knowing the language, it´s about being able to hold a conversation! Many come to Enséñame tu eñe fed up of lessons that just involve grammar activities, but leave very little room for actual experiences, practical sessions, and more fun activities. I also have noticed that many people who come to Spanish lessons want to learn more than just the language, they want to learn abotu hispanic culture, practices, pop culture, and more. 

Our Aim

It is clear; at the end of the course we want you to say: "time flies!". We want you to have fun and to speak Spanish without fear. We want grammar to be something easy and which helps you aim your targets. You will improve your writing, your fluency and your comprehension of text, TV series and films.

Our Teacher

Hi! I am Sergio from Alarba, Zaragoza (Spain). I have a Bachelor in Translation, and I speak English, German and Italian. I am passionate about dance, music, cultures, and languages, and I have trained as a Spanish teacher with Cervantes Institute at the University of Alcalá. I have worked in schools, companies, Universities and as an official DELE examiner.

''If you are looking for in-person or Skype Spanish lessons, I recommend Enséñame tu eñe. After 3 months of lessons with Sergio in Montevideo, my Spanish level was highly improved thanks to his funny and dynamic lessons, with a stimulating mixture of grammar, music, readings, the latest news, video, and interesting discussions. I did not only learnt Spanish, but also about the Uruguayan and Spanish cultures. Afterwards I continued learning Spanish online with Sergio and I am currently doing. Lessons are always very well organised and there is a schedule flexibility. If you are looking for funny and professional lessons, I recommend Enséñame tu eñe due to his training in institutions as the Cervantes Institute and the Alcalá University."
                                                                                                                                 Sorcha, Dublin, Ireland.
"During my exchange in Montevideo, Sergio was my Spanish teacher. Afterwards, when I moved to Copenhague, I continued my lessons via Skype. Sergio is an excellent teacher. The lessons were specially designed for my level and interests, not like standardised classes I have taken with other teachers. His explanations about different rules are very clear and easy to remember. Lessons are very funny and include games, sings, performances and other ways of alternative teaching which, from my point of view, are much more efficient than the tradicional methods. His great passions for the Spanish language is a motivation for keeping on learning. You do not realise about time as you get a lot of fun. My Spanish speaking friends have told me that I am highly improving. Besides, I can apply my Spanish in my professional life. Thank you very much, Sergio!"
Carmen, Budapest, Hungary.

"Sergio was my Spanish teacher in Montevideo for one year. My work schedule was very complicated and Sergio was very flexible. When I was not able to attend to in-person lessons, these were online. I highly improved my Spanish and he helped me integrate into the Uruguayan society and professionally progress. Besides, he is very kind and funny. I strongly recommend him!"

Arvand, Tehran, Iran.

''I am currently preparing my DELE C2 exam with Enséñame tu eñe. I would remark his professionalism, his empathy for also have been a student, the security transmitted by his character and his way of focusing lessons. I have mainly improved my written expression and my vocabulary, due to the vast amount of topics discussed. If you are looking for a good teacher for preparing an official exam, I recommend Sergio because he makes hard tasks to look easy and because his lessons are very amusing."
Saba, Asmara, Eritrea.
"Sergio is a good teacher. He explained very well how to correctly pronounce. Besides, he taught me cultural aspects, both from Uruguay and Spain. As a Korean teacher, I remark his character and useful tools, which I also applied for teaching my language in Uruguay. I will always be very grateful to him for having taught Spanish to me."

Miguel, Seoul, South Korea.