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He who wants to interest others has to provoke them.”

- Salvador Dalí.

The School

Enseñame tu eñe offers dynamic online (via Skype) and in-person courses that provide a fun and exciting way to learn the Spanish language,  giving students a different look at Hispano-American culture. Every lesson is complemented with updated material accessible online via platforms such as youtube, pinterest, and others.

Learn Spanish

Professionalism and fun can go together! Content of the course is adapted around your level and familiarity with Spanish, interests, and goals. Timetables are flexible.

Prepare your DELE, SIELE and CSSE official exams

Get accredited today! Complete the CSSE exam and become eligible to apply for Spanish citizenship. Get your degree with a DELE official examiner (421780) and reinforce your CV.

Take a look
to my CV

Hi everyone!

I am Sergio from Alarba, Zaragoza (Spain).
Hopelessly in love with dance, languages, and travel!
Trained as a teacher at the Cervantes Institute, DELE examiner and have working experience in companies, universities and schools. To find out more about me, take a look at my Linkedin profile!

DELE 2019 Examination Dates
  • Friday, 5th April
  • Fri & Sat, 24th & 25th May
  • Friday, 12th July
Skype customised lessons

Do you have a PC, Internet connection and headphones? Start learning Spanish today. Wherever you are, whenever, and however you want!

What is your Spanish level?

Level test

Try this Cervantes Institute official test and find out what is your Spanish level according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

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